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Chat GPT Advantages, Sign Up, How To Use & Mobile Applications

Chat GPT or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer for Chat is a new application based on artificial intelligence technologies, launched by Open AI on November 30, 2022, It aims to answer questions of information seekers as an alternative to traditional search engines.

The American company, Open AI, launched the Chat GPT application for free at first, and it became a paid version with a monthly subscription, with more features than the free version.

After the release of Chat GPT, the value of OpenAI was estimated at $29 billion, and the application gained the attention of Internet users, especially in the field of knowledge and information, and became a strong competitor to the search engine giant Google.

Chat GPT has a tremendous ability to predict the next words in the sentence, which the speaker wants to enter, unlike many other features, based on the analysis of large amounts of Internet texts.

The number of Chat GPT users reached more than 10 million people within just a month of launching the program, as a number of specialists mentioned that this new application could cause inactivity for students, as it saves them from searching for information and provides them with the required research ready.

And the world lived in a state of anxiety about the domination of robots and (AI) over the world, and from the continuous rapid development, and after the domination of images created through artificial intelligence and Meta Virus on all social media, today a new technology entered the arena of competition, which is the application of Chat GPT.

Advantages of using Chat GPT AI

Process improvement: AI can be used to improve search processes and increase efficiency in many areas such as business, marketing, and education.

Data analysis: AI can analyze large and complex data at a rate greater than a human, helping to make the most effective decisions in GPT chat.

New technologies: artificial intelligence OpenAI Chat GPT is a source of new and advanced technologies, and this helps in the development of many fields.

Although the primary function of a Chat GPT chatbot is to simulate a human speaker, the versatile ChatGPT, for example, can write and correct computer programs, compose music, plays, novels, student essays, write poetry and song lyrics, as well as answer users’ questions.

What is chat gpt and how do I use it?

It is an artificial intelligence robot that responds to the speaker in writing in all languages and responds to his questions with a great deal of logic in the answers.

Chat GPT application is based on collecting the largest amount of information, to answer all questions in various fields, and quickly accomplishes the required tasks and executes code commands, as it is able to write complete scenarios and dialogues for novels and other elements based on literary narration.

And it was developed in a way that is very similar to human language, in narration and adherence to written rules, so everyone considered it an impressive technology that amazes everyone who uses it.

Chat GPT is now considered the most popular artificial intelligence model for language processing on the Internet.

GPT chat was designed to chat with users and respond to their questions in detail, and even remember all the questions previously asked to it, so that the dialogue appears as if it was between two people, and also allows users to correct mistakes and apologize for them.

chat gpt login

The user can use chat GPT through these simple steps, but Chat GPT in Saudi Arabia and few countries still requires a different way to access it, and here is the way to log in to Chat GPT:

  1. Once you enter the official Chat GPT login website:
  2. Click Test Chat
  3. On the main page, the procedure for registering and creating a new account appears by clicking on Register.
  4. Then fill in the required data fields such as name, email address and password.
  5. Then the last step is to verify the registered email address to get the activation link for the new user account.
  6. Then start the conversation from the AI chatbot.
  7. After registering a new account and logging in, users start using ChatGPT by chatting with the AI bot.

Download Chat GPT app

Chat GPT app for Android

Since it is not possible to open the Chat GPT application from some countries, ChatGod has launched a simulated application called Chat GPT: GPT based AI ChatGOD is an advanced online chatting bot that uses Chat GPT AI technology to answer all your questions instantly.

ChatGod works with the same GPT-3 AI technology that GPT Chat uses.

ChatGod is not only a chatbot but also a content creator capable of generating engaging text based on what the user requests with the ability to speak with AI and search for images based on your input.

Download the ChatGod application for Android phones

Chat GPT app for iPhone

In the same context, AppNation has launched an app like Chat GPT full version for iPhone called Genie – AI Chatbot, which is an intelligent virtual bot that helps you accomplish a wide range of tasks within a few minutes.

Genie – AI Chatbot can answer questions, find solutions to user problems, make decisions and find new friends.

Download Genie – AI Chatbot for iPhone